Dreams Happen!

This website is here to help you clarify and realize your dreams -- making them reality.

Most of us have a dream. Many of us have several.

They are wonderful!

They are usually in the future. They usually have pleasant details and somehow seem “later” or otherwise “not now”.

Some dreams are fantasy, and we have no interest in ever making them real. That's OK. (They could turn into a book or movie though, couldn't they?)

Some dreams are things that we WOULD like to have in reality, but somehow they just don't seem possible.

I encourage you to take that dream you have and consider what would it be like to have it in reality? To see it fulfilled. In your real life.

Would you like that?

If not, that is OK. It can stay as a pleasant fantasy.

If you WOULD like to see it in reality I believe that you have a chance of doing so.

Why would I make such a statement? I don't know you yet. And we have not yet discussed your idea. How could I possible give you so much encouragement?

Easy. A fair number of things that were deemed “impossible” have been created in this world.

- Crossing the ocean without falling off the edge of the world

- Electric light (Edison was often asked how he could continue with so much failure. He replied: What failure? I've found hundreds of things that I now KNOW will not work.)

- Radio (Marconi's “friends” tried to have him committed to a mental institution!)

- People flying (For goodness sake! Crazy talk!)

- Talking to someone who is hundreds of miles away – in a normal voice, no less!

- Going to the moon and back was purely science fiction, until we did it.

- Private companies achieving space flight was pure science fiction and yet Space- X and Virgin Galactic are doing it.

These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure that you can think of other examples.

As Napoleon Hill said: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

The first step is to flesh out the details of your dream. This can be done by meditating on it, journaling on it, sketching, drawing or painting it. Represent it in as much vivid detail as you can manage. Then you will find you can manage more.

If you think about all the human made things around you, where ever you happen to be right now, notice that every one of them started as an idea or a dream. An idea that got the attention of the person who had it. (How many good ideas show up and get ignored every day?) The person that gave the idea energy and attention eventually brought it to reality.

When it first showed up in reality, it may not have been perfect.

- Columbus thought he was in India

- The Wright Brother's plane went a few hundred yards

- Bell's first telephone carried his voice a few rooms away.

The point is the ideas for the things you SEE got the attention of their people: Dreaming, Meditating, journaling, Sketching etc. that made them more and more real. And now you do SEE these things all around you!

What if your idea is something that nobody wants?

Good question. Back at you? Would YOU use it?

The fellow who invented the thermostat did so because he did not want to get up in a cold house, run down the the basement and get the fire going. He used it.

Mr. Honda made a small motor and put it on his bicycle. He used it. People saw it and asked if he would make one for them. We've all seen Honda motorcycles, and now cars and even airplanes and robots.

So, if YOU would use it chances are that someone else in this world would also. Finding out is part of the journey.

What if it takes too long?

Define “too long”.

If it is your dream, and you want to see it in reality, does it matter how long it takes?


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