"Paying it Forward"

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An entirely different kind of reunion is getting its edges sharpened and its memories clearly focused.

Part of the joy will happen as we recall and celebrate our high schools – in so many ways they are the main hubs our lives circled around then.

Friends draw us, indeed. We want again to see those who remain, to rekindle undying relationships we all formed there, within that special culture of our teen years as we grew into adults.

We are old enough to see farther than that now, into the locale itself. It could only have happened in Riverside. It seemed so bite-sized and manageable then, our city: but it was also a varied and uniquely captivating place. Now comes the Dreams Happen weekend, to revisit what remains.


The WHY Of This Event

Where to now that we’ve graduated?

We are more than just a reunion. Dreams Happen is a time of giving and leading with our hearts as alumni come together to say thank you to our city and schools who helped mold who we have become today.

We are Paying It Forward in scholarships for college and grants for trade schools to high school students who are following in our footsteps. With a little help nothing is beyond their grasp.

Many professionals have joined together to give freely of themselves.

The IRS granted a 501 (c)(3) tax deductible status. Net proceeds will go to worthy students for that little bit of help in making their scholastic dreams come true. Paying It Forward donations are gratefully accepted.

This is a dream that lies within our hearts and was created out of our imaginations. We can make a difference.

...the point is, we have it in our power, on a very personal level, to encourage it to happen for some. To help in wonderful ways. It is what lies at the core of our Dreams Happen weekend.

Grants for Advanced Training and


Paying It Forward


What Can We Look Forward To?

Events List

Tuxie's and Cruise Magnolia Avenue

Friday, September 20, 2019


Location: Tuxies Drive In at 6030 Magnolia Avenue

A fun ride to do together. But remember, though we all know these days are full of constant activity, do try not to be late; it will be more fun to do this with one another. ​ Do you remember gathering in Tuxie's parking lot (or for some of us there were other, closer sites we took over) and checking out the new wheels, and who was with who, and who had a new tan? The idea is to drive slowly enough to take in sights we knew so well, back then. ​ Through the intersection of Jurupa, past Magnolia School and on into the Woods (streets), across Bandini where the little market was, through more Wood streets and past Central Middle School, its new buildings across the avenue from RCC (whose boundaries expanded to include the entire Old Poly campus) ... ​ Straight onward, then, bearing a little left between Riverside Community Hospital and the DeAnza statue; then past White Park. Jog left on Mission Inn Avenue at the Fox Theater to a right turn on Redwood Drive, which passes through old neighborhoods. ​ And on to Fairmount Park for an automotive lap around Lake Evans ... ​ And back up Market Street to the Marriott at the Riverside Convention Center, for our Meet & Greet. Much to talk about.

Meet & Greet

Friday, September 20, 2019


Location: Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center

When we arrive at our Meet & Greet non-hosted event at the Marriott we will see friends both old and new. Many we haven't seen in perhaps decades; others for the first time ever with Facebook friends who have become part of our lives. This will be extra time to catch up, to promise not to let these friends of our youth escape us again. Maybe, in Tuxie's parking lot before cruising to this meet & greet place, we saw one or two friends we earnestly wanted to catch up with. Perhaps their cars detoured on the way to the Marriott poolside room, but they did get here. And now there are no excuses: it's time to talk. Really talk.

Mt. Rubidoux Hike

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Location: Mt Rubidoux

Our trail climbing is an easy incline up our beloved Mt Rubidoux, but we'll continue to like the word hikers to describe ourselves. We suggest parking at the Ryan Bonamino Park's lot, on Tequesquite at the southwest base of Mt Rubidoux. ​ We hikers will assemble across the street from there at the intersection of San Andreas Ave (which goes directly to the trailhead). We need to begin as close to 8 a.m. as possible, as the days in September warm up fast. ​ Bring comfy shoes, sunscreen, and water. And added snacks if you wish.


Saturday, September 21, 2019

11:00a to 1:30p

Location: D'Elia's Grinders

As D’Elia’s will tell you, “It’s the bread;” but for all of us who grew up under their spell, it is also the memories. D’Elia’s is our favorite eating spot hands down. Simply to mention the name or share a picture of their amazing grinders evokes a longing unparalleled to any other place we would return if only we had the chance. D’Elia’s has stayed true to their recipes and therefore true to us. Please join us Saturday September 21st as we share with our friends in this delightful, non-hosted afternoon treat. Our plan is to make space to nosh and remember with friends, but also to give flexibility to individual classes to gather in their chosen eateries … the places they knew. Why wait in line losing precious time with friends. Call in your order after viewing D’Elia’s online menu. 951-683-7380.

Reunion Cocktails/Dinner

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Location: Riverside Convention Center

Join us for a non-hosted cocktail party at 5 p.m. in the Riverside Convention Center just across the connecting park from the Marriott. You will then be treated to delicious hometown cuisine. Enjoy being seated at round linen clad tables with friends or a more casual pedestal table if you choose to move and mingle with classmates you have waited so long to enjoy. A special evening is planned. It's a secret surprise. Shhhhhhh.

Citrus Park Picnic & BBQ

Sunday, September 22, 2019

11:30a to 4:00p

Location: California Citrus State Historic Park

Join us there Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. in a place that evokes more of our childhood memories of Riverside, than is possible anyplace else. Here we will wander down Memory Lane along the trails through the groves of Citrus Park. ​ We'll be enjoying a wonderful picnic and BBQ. Those who wish to relive our childhood will have the opportunity playing the games of our youth. ​ Coming from downtown Riverside drive along Victoria Ave to Van Buren. Left turn until you spot the old giant orange, the stand from our younger years. Turn left on Dufferin. Turn right into Citrus State Historical Park and follow the road left as it curves around to the picnic grounds. See you there!